5 great benefits of playing golf

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The Vietnamese Golf Magazine lists 5 main benefits of playing golf:

5 great benefits of playing golf

1. Reducing and preventing cardiovascular diseases:

Engaging in physical activities like golf leads to increased heart rate and sweating, which have positive effects on your cardiovascular system. In addition to reducing harmful fats, it also speeds up metabolism, making weight loss easier.

A round of golf burns about 300 calories per hour for a person weighing around 70kg. If you choose to ride a golf cart, a round still burns around 230 calories. Practicing on the course can help burn about 200 calories per hour.

2.  Improving bone strength:

Physical exercises like walking and running are beneficial for bone health. Regularly participating in such exercises helps maintain flexibility and strong bones, preventing conditions like osteoporosis and spinal degeneration.

To effectively exercise, try walking during each round of golf.

3. Enhancing vitamin D synthesis:

Vitamin D is crucial for strong bones and regulating calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood. It also helps regulate the growth of skin cells. In addition to consuming foods high in Vitamin D, your body also needs to synthesize this vitamin by absorbing sunlight.

So, head out to the golf course and let your body do its own work.

4. Promoting better sleep:

Regular exercise increases the positive effects of sleep. You will find it easier to fall asleep quickly and maintain a deeper sleep for a longer period of time if you engage in activities like playing golf on a consistent basis.

Sleep is vital as it allows your body to rest and recover. Playing a round of golf during the day can improve the quality of your sleep at night. This is great benefit of playing golf that you should know.

5. Building relationships:

5 great benefits of playing golf

Golf is a social sport. Playing golf provides opportunities to chat and make new friends.

Making friends increases the release of endorphins, elevating your mood and providing a sense of joy. Studies have shown that those who maintain social relationships and good friendships tend to live longer, up to 6 years longer than others.

There are 5 amazing benefits of playing golf that you should know. Wishing all golfers to practice diligently, improve their skills, and have wonderful experiences on the golf courses.

According to the Vietnamese Golf Magazine.

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