2023 Rules of Golf: Summary of the changes in the latest golf rules

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The latest golf rules in 2023 have been amended by the USGA and R&A and come into effect from the beginning of this year. These golf rules have some new adjustments and regulations. Please read the following article to find out more details about these changes!

Compared to previous years, the 2023 golf rules have significant changes. Specifically:

Recording handicap scores on the scorecard

Tổng hợp những điểm thay đổi trong luật golf mới nhất 2023

According to the 2023 golf rules regarding the player’s responsibility for handicap on the scorecard:
– Players are not responsible for their handicap scores.
– The committee/organizer is responsible for calculating the player’s handicap scores.

Under the 2019 golf rules, if a golfer does not record their handicap score or records an incorrect handicap score on the scorecard, they will be disqualified. However, with the latest golf rules in 2023, the organizer will be responsible for the accuracy of the player’s handicap scores.

Replacement of clubs when broken

Tổng hợp những điểm thay đổi trong luật golf mới nhất 2023

The 2019 golf rules stipulated that players are usually not allowed to replace a club that is damaged during the game, except for some special cases. However, this has been adjusted in the 2023 golf rules, allowing players to replace a club when it is damaged or broken, except in cases of intentional damage.

Ball moved by natural elements

The 2019 golf rules stated that if a ball is at rest and is moved by natural elements such as wind, water, gravity, etc., except in cases where it has been marked and replaced on the putting green, the ball must be played from where it lies.
With the latest golf rules in 2023, if a ball at rest is moved from its original position to another position on the course or outside the boundary by the influence of natural forces like wind, gravity, etc., the ball will be replaced to its original position.

Replacing the ball while playing a hole

The 2019 golf rules regarding penalties for violations: general penalty (loss of hole in match play, 2-stroke penalty in stroke play). The 2023 golf rules have reduced the penalty for improperly substituted strokes. Specifically, the penalty for the violation is now 1-stroke penalty (in both match play and stroke play).

Rule 40 seconds

The next adjustment in the 2023 golf rules is to speed up the game with the rule of 40 seconds. Specifically, when a golfer is ready to play a stroke and is not hindered by others, the golfer must make the stroke within 40 seconds.

In addition, according to the 2023 golf rules, golfers will also be allowed to putt closer to the flagstick without penalty.

Lost golf ball

 The latest golf rules

When a golfer and caddie cannot find the ball within 3 minutes, the ball will be considered lost. In this situation, the new rule states that the golfer must replay the ball from the original position, and also receive a 1-stroke penalty.

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