Regulations for night golf – Tam Dao Golf & Resort

4 năm trước

Regulations for the visitors play night golf of Tam Dao as follows:


(This regulation takes effect from the 2015. It can be changed and edited anytime based on the actual conditions of the club)

1. Tee-off time: Started from 3:16 p.m to 5:32 p.m (Tee-off time can be changed over the season). All the golfers tee-off during this period are considered to be Night golf.

2. All golfers are required to book Tee-off time and confirmed by Club Booking Department;

3. Members will be given priority booking;

4. Booking regulations: according to the Club general Booking Regulations.

5. Night golf equipment provided all weekdays.

6. The latest time to turn off the light: 10:15 p.m (included 15 minutes to move to Clubhouse; Closing time: 10:30 p.m (if later, must have the consent of General Manager).

7. Restaurant opened to server until the end of Light turn-off time and receive lat-est orders are prior 09:00 pm. (Kiosks server to 09:00 p.m).

8. In case of Outage:

– Golfers are required to stop playing golf and wait for 15 minutes maxi-mum,  the electrical system will be back and golfers will continue in the game. Waiting time is not count for playing time. The Club will keep the light on till the end of the game.
– In the worst case, electrical problems could not be resolved; golfers will move to Clubhouse with the guidance of the operators and finish the game. In this case , the prizes will be paid as follow:

+ Play 1 – 3 holes: FREE;
+ Play 4 – 12 holes: pay for 9 holes;
+ Play 13- 18 holes: pay for 18 holes.

9. In the case of individual (Tee-off late, game interruption, playing much more stipulated time…) golfers could not finish the game before 10:00 p.m, the Club will not be responsible.

10. All golfers play night golf will be required to use Buggy

11. For golfers do not play night golf, if because of harsh climate, golfers could be entitled to finish the final holes under lights with the consent of the General Manager.

12. Other regulations apply under the general regulations of the club.


Source: Tam Dao Golf & Resort