Exclusive partnership program between Song Be Golf Resort and City Bank VietNam

4 năm trước

On 01 October 2015, Song Be Golf Resort and Citi Vietnam, enter into business cooperation between the two companies to launch exclusive programs and events that will introduce premium services and memberships to their customers and members.

Spearheading the start of this business cooperation, Citi Vietnam and Song Be Golf Resort offer to all customers and members, the convenience of monthly interest-free payments for qualifying purchases of memberships and services at Song Be Golf Resort, offered exclusively through Citi Vietnam’s 0% Paylite Equal Payment Plan.

Song Be Golf Resort - CITI

Song Be Golf Resort is Citi Vietnam’s first exclusive golf partner in the country of Vietnam to provide access to premium golf facilities and services for Citi’s customers worldwide through its highly selective Citibank Privileges program.
Customers and members of Citi Vietnam and Song Be Golf Resort can look forward to a series of exclusive by-invitation events and special offers for them, which will be announced shortly after the launching ceremony, to be held later this month. 

Song Be Golf Club