The special beauty of Twin Doves Golf Club, a private club in southern Vietnam

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Follow Bill Healey, we will continue to explore the beauty of the golf courses in Vietnam. Today, We will go to the Twin Doves Golf Club, a private golf course have a unique design. In addition, Twin Doves also has 5-star hotel, luxury villas, a business center with many other modern facilities services, to meet the needs of customers when want to relax.

A one hour drive from HCMC to Binh Duong Province is Twin Doves Golf Club. Upon arrival, our group was warmly greeted by management and staff in front of their award-winning, spacious clubhouse. Deemed by many as the best in Vietnam, the clubhouse gives a feeling that you’re entering a 5-star resort.

Twin doves golf club

Twin doves golf club

Designed by P+G Development and set on a 165 hectare site, Twin Doves is a 27-hole course with three nines – Luna, Sole & Stella. Each is designed to utilize the area’s natural landscaping. With five of us teeing-up, we broke into two groups. Our threesome started on the Luna course, while our twosome started on the Sole course. 

Luna Course is characterized by numerous hills, neighboring forest, and a mix of hazards. We found both the fairways and greens to be in very good condition. The course started with a challenging up-hill 1st hole of nearly 400 yards for those of us starting on the Blue tees. With the green protected by a bunker in the front and a small pot bunker, the hole required proper club selection and accuracy for those coming into the green. The longer hitters need to be careful off the tee with a long bunker on the left the fairway

Twin doves golf club

The closing 9th hole is a long and difficult par-5. Measuring 586 yards from the blue tees, it is a challenge for a both low and high handicapped golfers. Good club selection is necessary, even for those who consider going for the green in two. For those who layup on their second shot, reaching the green in three requires an accurate shot. The Luna Course, a flood-lit course allowing for night-time play.

Twin doves golf club

Sole Course starts with a relatively simple par-4. At 379-yards from the Blue tees, it rewards a golfer’s accuracy with only a couple fairway bunkers to pass on the way to the green. However, The par-5 second hole is where length begins to challenge the Sole course golfer. For those looking to reach the green with two shot on this 560-yard, the golfer will need to carry three bunkers on the second shot. With two bunkers behind the green, all golfers will need to be accurate with their approach.

Twin doves golf club

Though not a long par-5, the closing 9th hole required good club selection. On their second shot, golfers must consider whether they’re going to go for the green in two by carrying over a stream, or if they’re layup and reach the green in three. A very good closing hole for the Sole course.

Twin doves golf club

Stella Course is the most natural of the three courses. Flanked by creeks and trees on all holes, it forces you into being more accurate. The course begins with a rather forgiving, simple par-4. With only a couple bunkers to negotiate, most golfers will find an easy path to the green on this 357-yard hole.

Twin doves golf club

The only par-3 on the Stella Course is the short 125-yard 5th hole. Though not a long hole, it required an accurate drive to the green, as it requires a carry over a large water hazard. With more water to the right, and a bunker on the left, accuracy is rewarded with a good chance for a birdie.

The 9th hole on the Stella course is another challenging closing hole. A 411-yard par-4, it is heavily bunkered throughout the hole.  Accurate shots into the fairway are rewarded with a good opportunity at par.

We were fortunate to be joined by the club’s management after the round of golf for their buffet at the Twin Doves international restaurant where they serve a variety Asian, Western and local Vietnamese selections. 

I found this to be a well maintained course, and recommend it to those who have the opportunity to play it.  I’ll certainly be returning.

Twin Doves Golf Club
368 Tran Ngoc Len St. Hoa Phu Commune
Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong

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