Vingolf – A place for connecting golf-loving neighbors

3 năm trước

   On November 29, at the Long Bien Golf Course in Hanoi, the Vingolf Club organized the 2019 Vingolf Championship to celebrate the club’s 6th birthday. This is an opportunity for members to look back on the club’s memorable milestones.

2019 Vingolf Championship

   Launching the Vietnamese golf village in November 2013, the Vingolf CLub consists of residents living in the Vinhomes Riverside urban area who share a passion for golf. This is a playground for members to exercies, participate in the movement and improve the golf course. After 6 years of strong growth, the club has 118 members.

   Sharing the idea of establishing the club, Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh – Chairman of Vingolf Club said: “Vinhomes Riverside – Vingolf Urban Golf Club was born to create a playground for golf lovers and passionate resident in urban areas.”

   In the early days of its establishment, the club had just over 20 members. With enthusiasm, dedication, members of the Executive Board organized a variety of activities to engage members and attract new members.

   According to Mr. Nguyen Van Tai – General Secretary of the club,  “In addition to the weekly and monthly outing activities, in a year, the Vingolf Club will organize two main tournaments, the Vingolf Open for members and friends held in April every year and the end of year Vingolf Champion is held in November every year.”

   Besides golf activities, Vingolf always wishes to contribute to build a better, more civilized society. At the Vingolf Championship 2018, the club has cooperated with Hanoi TV to raise funds to help children undergoing treatment at the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion and Hanoi Heart Hospital from auctioning the “Moon on golf course” by artist Tran Hong DUc – Member of Club and contributions of sponsors.

2018 Vingolf Championship

   In the coming time, Vingolf will develop and build a golfing culture, according to the following criteria: Friendly – Polite – Equal – Honest – Wholehearted. Members continue to learn from each other about golf technology and golf culture, thereby helping each other in work and life.

   Mr. Dang Vu Hanh – Member of Executive Board of VIngolf Club shared: “Vingolf’s development orientation is inherited. The achievements, sentiments and  enthusiasm of the previous generation will be spread to the next generations. Vingolf is building movements for young people to participate. Thereby, we discover the factors that can run the club in the future. Young people with enthusiasm and creativity will develop Vingolf more and more stronger.”

vingolf's event

   It is known that VIngolf CLub has participated in many leberation tournaments in the region as well as the while country. Many members also achieved high results in the amateur golf tournament in the country such as golfer Nguyen Tuan Anh – Champion of the Southern National Senior 2018, golfers Nguyen Van Tai and Le Kha Tuyen are members of Union Cup Northern 2019; Promising young golfer Nguyen Vu Quoc Anh …