Sky Lake Golf Course offers a good price for 12 animal zodiacs clubs to practice before their Tournament

3 năm trước

   After being selected by the Vietnam Golf Association as the venue for the 2015 National Amateur Championship, Sky Lake Golf Course has been rated as a beautiful place, suitable for many tournaments with beautiful scenery, challenging terrain and green condition are guaranteed to the standard. With its advantages, Sky Lake once hosted a tournament in KLPGA in 2016, attracting many top tier golfers of this competition system and Vietnam  has one unique representative at that time – Nguyen Thao My.

golfer nguyen thao my

   With the recent changes, Sky Lake is increasingly improving the quality of yeard and service. Therby, it continues to be trusted to organized big tournaments such as Bat Hung (meaning 8 Heroes) “Swing for Education” and then the most attractive tournament in Vietnam  – VGA Union Cup 2019.

   It can be said that the championship of 12 animal zodiacs clubs held in March here at Sky Lake golf course will be a perfectly reasonable choice of the Organizing Committee. Because this is not just a standard golf course, it will help golfers of 12 teams can compete with all their talents. But this is also one of the few stadiums that allow fans to enter the field to cheer directly on matches. Along with that, the completion of the lighting system for the 18 holes on Sky course also helps the tournament to take place completely, because it is likely to generate additional Play off matches between teams that have an equal point.

   WIth the event being broadcast live on the GolfNews platform, this is also an opportunity for Sky Lake Golf Club to continue promoting its reputation after having gained everybody trust with the VGA Union Cup tournament.

   According to the lastest information from the host, Sky Lake golf course has decided to have price support for clubs when registering for Outing and practice before preparing for the tournament. Clubs participating in the tournament need to send their member list to the organizers to provide for the course and receive an optimal price 1.4 million dongs for 18 hole golf round (including lunch and tramcar). Along with that, friends of the club members when golfing together only have to pay 1.6 million per player. Club want to receive these benefits need to provide the full name, Vhandicap code and phone number of each member to receive the offer.