BRG Golf Hanoi Festival 2020 – The biggest tournament at the BRG golf returns

4 năm trước

BRG Golf Hanoi Festival is an annual event of the BRG Group that is expected by international friends as well as golfers in the Vietnamese golf village. The interest in this year’s event in 2020 shows the leading position of BRG Group in the journey of building sustainable golf development in Vietnam.

brg golf hanoi festival 2020

Golf Festival is also a favorable event to help tourists explore Vietnam through golf. This season is the 5th consecutive season to be held, the tournament takes place in Hanoi capital on Saturday and Sunday, December 13 and 12, 2020. With only 4,200,000 VND, golfer quarter has You can sign up for one at two world-class 36-hole golf courses Kings Course and Legend Hill. Participating in the tournament, golfers have the opportunity to win prizes such as Honda cars, Ezgo tram, 5-star resort package, airline tickets, luxury golf bags and other valuable gifts.

To participate in the tournament please contact

(+84) 834 666 262 

[email protected]

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