Bamboo Airways Summer 2020 - Back to the HIO hunting race for billion VND


Bamboo Airways Summer 2020 is a golf tournament organized by Bamboo Airways and FLC Biscom to provide customers and patterns with an attractive sports playground. The tournament will take place from May 20 to 24 at FLC Golf Links Sam Son with a HIO of 16 luxury cars.

Bamboo airway summer 2020

Bamboo Airways is known as a golfer airline by regularly organizing large-scale tournaments such as  Bamboo Airways Golf Tournament 2018, Bamboo Airways Takeoff 2018, Bamboo Airways Summer 2019, Bamboo Airways Spring 2020... Continue following the success of previous tournaments, Bamboo Airways Summer 2020 promises a large scale, attractive, and extremely safe tournament with strict disease prevention to ensure a safe playground for golfers these days. 

In the tournament in 2019, golfer Dinh Hong Phong has surpassed nearly 2000 golfers to win the championship with a Gross score of 70. It is expected that this year's this tournament will attract many golfers in the country to compete and become a golf venue in this summer season.

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