Golfer Duong Ngoc Duong won the Vinh Phuc Open Golf Tournament 2019


Scored a 78  strokes, golfer Duong Ngoc Duong has become the new champion at the largest annual golf tournament in Vinh Phuc province.

In the early December, Vinh Phuc Golf Association unexpectedly won the men's team at the Provincial and City Golf Association Championship 2019, surpassing many major golf clubs across the country. In addition, two golfers Do Anh Duc and Duong Ngoc Duong also won the first and second prizes in the South individual table.

 vinh phuc open golf tournament 2019

The above results partly show that the movement of golf development in Vinh Phuc province has been growing recently and this was once again proved by the Vinh Phuc Open Golf Tournament 2019 on the morning of December 15, 2019 on Tam Dao golf course.

This is an annual golf event organized by Vinh Phuc Golf Club to connect members and golfers across the country, creating opportunities for people with the same passion to meet and exchange golf experience as well as career and life.

Although starting around 6 AM, more than 140 golfers were present on time and showed the spirit of willingness to compete, offering beautiful shots. In this tournament, golfers are divided into the first four tables based on the HDC including group A (0-15), B (16-26), C (27+) for members and Group D for guests.

After 18 exciting holes, Duong Ngoc Duong has won the Best Gross title with a score of 78(+6) clubs. In addition, the tournament also honored 3 golfers Nguyen Van Dung, Dao Van Hien and Vu Thanh Hien , Dinh Nho Hung for the top places in Group A,B,C and D.

The successful Vinh Phuc Open Golf Tournament 2019 marked a successful 2019 for the golf movement in this province, thereby creating a premise to look forward to 2020 with many bigger goals. 

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