TC Motor Cup: Lady's golfer festival


On the 25th - 26th of October, the National Women's Championship in both Single and Team format - TC Motor Cup will begin at FLC Ha Long Golf Club & Resort. The tournament is expected to have 100 golfers attending.

tc motor cup 2019

After the Vietnam Ladies Amateur Open 2018 (VLAO), Vietnam Golf Association (VGA) assessed the 7 years of women's golf movement remarkable growth in number and quality. It is time to aim to the next step for the development of the best women's golf.

In 2019, besides the VLAO tournament - a tough playground to find quality golfers, VGA with the companion of TC Motor - Huyndai and FLC Group will hold the TC Motor Cup on 25-26 October at FLC Ha Long Golf Club & Resort. The event is a national women's golf festival to continue the mission of developing the size of the women's golf community.

Stay true to the meaning of the tournament, the TC Motor Cup for all female golfers of all levels, ages of participation in both individuals and teams.

tc motor cup 2019

According to the event's organizers, each team will attend a minimum of 3 and up to 4 members competing to calculate the best Nest Score of 3 members per day and the team with the best Net after 2 days of competition will be the champions.

Speaking at the press conference announcing the tournament, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Ha - Deputy General Secretary of Vietnam Golf Association - Head of the organizing committee, said: "This event will definitely contribute to the women's golf movement in Vietnam and bringing more attention. Mothers and sisters will inspire many golfers to start playing golf with confidence, striding confidently on the golf course and maybe some of these golfers will shine in the Championship and far beyond the international golf arenas."

bà Nguyễn Thị Thu Hà
Photo by Golfnews

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