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   Phoenix Golf Hoa Binh, also known as Phoenix Golf Hoa Binh (Phoenix Golf Resort Hoa Binh) has been in operation since 2006, designed by Golfplan and Ronald Frea, a combination of resort and golf course with the best quality in the northern region.

   Phoenix Golf Course has a beautiful geographical location in Luong Son, Hoa Binh province, about 38km from Hanoi with a 45-minute drive. An ideal destination for relaxation and entertainment, the golf course is designed and built to international standards, and the natural mountain-based landscape is extremely impressive.

   With an area of up to 311.7 hectares and a golf course up to 54 holes, including 3 Phoenix Course, Champion Course, Dragon Course, respectively, companies from the US, Korea, and Japan bring the identities. private. The golf course is of a high class and domestic scale and known as a major golf course in Southeast Asia.

   A lot of people visit tourist attractions, convalescence and golf, especially the system has up to 190 rooms. Attached with relaxation services such as a massage room, banquet room, swimming pool and ballroom, sports.

  Reference price April 2021, included green fee, caddie fee, 1/2 cart.
- Weekday: từ 1.650.000 VND
- Weekend: từ 2.300.000 VND
Phoenix Golf Resort

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