What does golfer say about Long Bien golf course?


   Long Bien Golf Course is one of the only golf courses in the North to have 27 golf courses according to PGA standards, designed with Nelson & Haworth Course Architects – This is one of the famous golf course design companies in the world.Long Bien Golf Course is a place for golfers to assert themselves and is an ideal choice for golf lovers. The courtyard has many geographical advantages, along with modern facilities to international standards.

   Over the past 7 years of continuous development, Long Bien Golf Course has become a familiar destination for many golfers in the North. Long Bien Golf Course had a small interview with its loyal customers:

  Price reference in April 2021, including green fees, caddies fee, 1/2 cart.
- Weekday: từ 2.200.000 VND
- Weekend: từ 2.700.000 VND
Long Bien Golf Course

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