Hanoi Junior Golf Tour is back in August


   The 2020 season will consist of five tournaments held monthly, the first of which will take place on Sky Lake and the remaining four on BRG Kings Island Golf Resort.

1. Sky Lake Resort & Golf Club - Sky Course

   Hanoi Junior Golf Tour 2020 - A prestigious and attractive event organized by Golf Academy 72+ with the desire to inspire passion, created a competitive playground for young golfers to thrive in their golf career. after a period of postponement due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the tournament system will be restarted with the first round taking place on August 16 at Sky Lake - Hanoi.

hanoi junior golf tour

   This year, to increase the competitiveness of the tournament, Hanoi Junior Golf Tour 2020 continues to expand the audience for foreign young golfers studying and living in Vietnam. The golfer participating in each round will be a calculated system of points in the ranking all year and participate in the championship of the whole system taking place in December.

   Schedule for Hanoi Junior Golf Tour 2020 below:

hanoi junior golf tour 2020

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