BRG Legend Hill Golf Resort: The first Nicklaus Design golf course with unique “twin green” design concept


BRG Legend Hill Golf Resort is the first Nicklaus Design golf course to open in Vietnam, bringing the world’s leading golf course design firm to more than 390 golf courses in 41 countries. BRG Legend Hill Golf Resort is also the first unique “twin green" golf course in Vietnam, and the first time Nicklaus Design has used the “twin green” design concept in Asia.

The “twin green” feature created by Nicklaus Design offers players an exciting golf experience that affords them the option to play two different greens on the same hole over an 18-hole round. The 36 different greens within one 18-hole golf course creates an almost endless variety of hole combinations that can be matched to a golfer’s playing ability and/or provide guests a different golf experience with each round played. Nicklaus Design has created two separate green complexes but accessed from one primary landing zone on each hole. The additional greens added an interesting design challenge for the Nicklaus Design team, and now finished, will ultimately offer a uniquely different experience for golfers.

Legend Hill Golf Resort

BRG Legend Hill Golf Resort is the golfing jewel in the BRG Group crown; a rare gem for passionate players brought to life by engaging the world's leading industry names including Nicklaus Design, the United States-based firm found by golf icon Jack Nicklaus; Flagstick project management (USA); Z Design (USA) clubhouse architecture and interiors; GCH (USA) landscaping; Rock Group (USA) water features; PSI (USA) irrigation systems; and an international team of PGA and GCSA experts to manage and operate the golf course and clubhouse. Collectively, they have produced an irresistible new course for golfers in the region.

The course is located in the foothills on a legendary property that is adjacent to the Soc Temple, made famous by Saint Giong or Phu Dong Thien Vuong. As one of “Four Vietnamese Immortals,” BRG felt that only a course created by Nicklaus Design could reflect Saint Giong’s legacy and create a world-class golf experience of the highest standards. 

BRG Legend Hill Golf Course now reflects a new high standard in golf by offering an attraction for players of all levels to enjoy.

Source: BRG Legend Hill Golf Resort

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