Vietnam golfers incredible effort conquered 108 holes of golf


August 25, 2020, surely the most memorable day for 2 golfers Nguyen Hong Duc and Bui Manh Cuong. They have just completed the 108 holes of golf challenge (6 rounds) on Sky Lake Golf Course. 

1. Sky Lake Resort & Golf Club - Sky Course

The match play started at 5:17 AM on Sky Course, the first 18 holes ended in 120 minutes. With the quick, compact, but effective movements of both golfers, in the next rounds they continued to maintain a time of about 2 hours for 18 holes. It is worth mentioning here that not only did they finish dueling, but they both ensured the quality of their match as 2 Handicap 9 golfers. During the match, Nguyen Hong Duc and Bui Manh Cuong both made lots of nice shots, lots of birdie and par points to win the hole. They proved that many people's comments before this match were completely wrong when they thought that there would be many double or triple bogeys, but in 108 holes there were only 2 double bogey points.

108 holes challenge sky lake golf

Spent 3 rounds on Lake Course and 3 rounds on Sky Course, overcame unfavorable weather conditions, with almost no rest and no lunch. The two golfers finished the last putt at 18:38, successfully conquering 108 holes of Sky Lake golf course with a total time of 13:20 minutes, faster than their expectations and the final victory of the match belonged to Bui Manh Cuong with 13 Up results.

After completing the set goals together, the two golfers Nguyen Hong Duc and Bui Manh Cuong both shared that they were happy to have overcome the 108-hole challenge in the day, even though there was a time when their will wavered and hands are tired but the supporters' encouragement has helped them establish this achievement.

Below is some of the most memorable number from the match:

- 18 birdie

- 67 par

- 21 bogey

- 2 double bogey

Best wishes for 2 golfers and hope they always keep the passionate fire burning.

via Golfnews

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