It is prohibited to use plastic tee at England's oldest golf course


According to The Telegraph, Royal North Devon is the first golf course to ban the use of plastic tee. The decision was made in an attempt to prevent local wildlife from eating the tee and being harmed by the same tee.

“We found all golf tee located around the club, including wooden and plastic tee. The fact that anyone can see is that plastic tee is more likely to harm birds and animals sharing the wonderful atmosphere on the golf course with us, ”the statement quoted by the golf court said. Royal North Devon golf course.

Along with environmental considerations, yard leaders have found the plastic tee to end their destination on the beach and that's the reason for the ban. The leadership of the Royal North Devon yard adds: From the beginning of the new decade, they want all members to use only wooden tee and pro-shop will only provide wooden tee. If the player sees a discarded plastic tee, please place it in the bin located at the teeing ground. The club will have more similar tee boxes at other tee boxes on the field.

Although it is unclear whether any golf course in the US or Canada enforces a similar ban, many have begun the journey to restrict the use of plastic straws in restaurants. However, replacing plastic tee will be more difficult because they have become popular and handy for decades.

In Vietnam, one of the efforts to limit the use of plastic and environmental protection on the golf course last time is the Lexus Challenge 2019's "Sustainable Challenge", held at Laguna Lăng Cô.

Sustainable challenge # 1: Design a golf course to preserve the natural terrain

Laguna Lăng Cô is very skillful in exploiting the natural terrain of the central coastal strip of land: preserving and displaying the most distinctive and attractive features at the same time.

Sustainable Challenge # 2: The most environmentally friendly golf course in Vietnam

Up to now, Laguna Lang Co is the only golf course in Vietnam with 3 consecutive years of receiving a Silver certificate and in 2019 receiving a Gold certificate from Earth Check - an international prestigious certification organization with many goals. assessing the quality of living environment with green and clean standards at the resorts Many outstanding environmental protection campaigns such as "Say no to plastic items" and "Clean the beach" are taking place in Laguna Lang Co with the participation of all the group's staff and leisure guests. sustain and promote the inherent beauty of nature bestowed, maintain the Golden Earth Check criteria in the following years.

Sustainable challenge # 3: Use a bamboo water bottle 

During the tournament, the 2019 Lexus Challenge BTC will remove plastic water bottles and disposable plastic containers. Instead, each golfer attending and BTC members will receive a thermos engraved with their own name from the sponsor. The jar is made of high-grade stainless steel with Super Clean Plus technology to ensure safety for users.


Through practical and meaningful actions to satisfy the Green - Positive - Real criteria, Lexus Challenge 2019 is considered as a stepping stone, a premise for the aspiration to develop Vietnam's golf industry in a sustainable manner. Hopefully, in the coming time, golf courses and tournaments in the world in general and Vietnam in particular will continue to have activities and campaigns to protect the environment together. 


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